Protect any Android application with the password!


SMS, Gmail, Contacts, Chat, Calendar, Settings, e-mail, Photos… everything you wish!


Enjoy highly-customizable protection


Set PIN-code to Messages and Gmail


Show off your phone to others but keep private data inaccessible


Lock your corporate secrets


Set password to buy paid applications from Market


Protect sensitive data if the phone is lost


Application is available for free (no Ads inside) from Android Market:

Frequently Asked Questions


If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please ask me directly. Don’t post questions as comments on Market, because developers can’t answer them.

How to set the password?


Please push Menu button on your phone, and go to Preferences. There you may click Set unlock password and type in some digits. I will try to improve this in nearest update. There’s a bug now (v.0.3) first time you open Preferences, password is reset to blank. If you change it immediately – no problems. Otherwise, just press OK when password is asked next time.


What to do if I forgot my password?


Not a problem! Please ask me for built-in ‘secret’ code that will reset password with 24 hours delay providing order number from Google Checkout to verify your identity. Otherwise, factory reset is required to remove all installed applications and the data (including Protector and all stored Gmail data.)


When the password is asked?

Protector asks you for a password upon the start of any protected application. After that, all applications become unlocked until you lock the screen. Keyguard or unlock pattern remain unchanged, To re-enable locking you can click on the notification in the status bar. Next version will include configurable timeout and per-application passwords for even better security.


How does it work?


Protector runs as a background service consuming the negligible amount of memory and passively waits for the start of protected applications. Once the user clicks an icon to start such an application, the full-screen window is shown on top, asking for a password. If the user clicks Cancel or anyhow closes the window, the protected application is immediately sent to the background to save the data and then it’s process is terminated to make sure that it can’t be used without a password.


If free version available?

I plan to release a free version with limited functionality and standard user interface. Please send me an email if you wish to receive a notification once it will be released.

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